License plate recognition

We’ve implemented support for license plate recognition on video fragments in Viinex 2.0. In order to perform recognition, one sill needs to issue a command to Viinex; “free flow” mode is missing yet. The novel (in comparison with older image-wise recognition mode) is that Viinex takes care of getting video from the camera, and pre-buffering that video, so that when the command for recognition is arrived, – Viinex recognizes the video frame it just had received (and it’s possible to analyze some more frames from the past, and of course from the future). The recognition result is returned as soon as it’s ready, – no need to analyze many frames, if the number is recognized with the first one. Also, when the license plate number is successfully recognized, Viinex 2.0 automatically stores the exact corresponding image in a separate ring buffer, so that an embedding application can use it as a snapshot of the passing vehicle.

With this feature, the integration of license plate recognition functionality into your application is as easy as issuing of just two HTTP requests. You may try them directly in your browser, right after installing Viinex 2.0 demo, to make sure everything works as you expect.

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