Alphaopen is a leading developer of security and building management software solutions. The Alphalogic software platform is a PSIM system designed to create an integrated monitoring and control environment from various specialized engineering systems of different manufacturers. The Alphalogic system has been developed to create one access point to the whole facility engineering infrastructure. It allows to control any integrated system (or a device within a system) of any size – from a single building to a city-wide or a region-wide solution – from local and remote work places.


Bolid is a manufacturer of equipment of security, automation and dispatch systems installed at over 1 million sites. Orion Pro is a software package for Orion security system which serves as a base for intrusion alarm systems, access control and management systems, video surveillance systems and fire safety automatics integrated with utility systems.


Ela-Soft is a German company, a subsidiary of Gretsch-Unitas Group, that develops non-manufacturer specific building management and organisation systems for security and communication technology. Ela-soft develops the GEMOS security information management and organisation system that integrates all devices, including systems from various vendors, and adapts to the customer user profile.


Electronika is a Russian integrator of complex security systems for facilities with high security requirements. The company provides a full range of services for the development, design, installation and maintenance of safety management systems for objects of transport infrastructure, industrial enterprises, banks and places of mass gathering.


Kraftway develops and manufactures computer and telecommunication equipment, platforms with integrated security tools, software and PSIM systems. Kraftway has also developed a hardware and software system Kraftway ShortTrack Video Replay solution for the Russian Skating Union needs.


Soft-Division is a developer of Electronika Security Manager PSIM platform and other software and hardware physical security management solutions. The company specializes in developing innovative products for security management.