Independent Video Analytics Integration

Effective May 23, 2023, Viinex has discontinued the sales of middleware that includes integrated video analytics engines, such as Face Detector, License Plate Recognition, Railcar ID Recognition, and Container Code Recognition. This decision is based on our understanding and experience that several factors contribute to this preference:

First and foremost, Viinex does not internally develop video analytics. Our belief is that it is more advantageous for manufacturers of comprehensive products to establish direct relations with analytics vendors. This strategy offers manufacturers immediate access to essential support, adjustment services, and even customized development for distinct use cases.

Additionally, it’s important to acknowledge that analytics requirements are prone to change over time. Customers might find themselves in need of new analytics, and expect these services under agreeable conditions, such as temporary or permanent licenses, whether it’s deployed on the edge or in the cloud.

In light of these changes, Viinex has evolved into a video middleware that facilitates the independent integration of video analytics. By offering developer-friendly tools for the incorporation of video analytics—tools previously used internally—we are empowering our partners to independently include and manage essential third-party video analytics engines.