Viinex provides various licensing options and services for software companies seeking to integrate Viinex into their software and leverage our middleware as an integral component of their products.

Developer License

Viinex offers a license that allows partners to use Viinex instances for testing and integration into their applications at no cost. This license includes access to Viinex software features, the web portal of Viinex technical support for partners’ developers, and the right to use Viinex for testing and integration during the duration of the developer license for the software company. However, the developer license does not permit commercial distribution or the transfer of these rights to any third-party.

Resale License

Viinex provides a resale license that permits partners to distribute Viinex middleware as part of their applications. This license is bought for each Viinex instance run and comes with various options based on the environment, such as on-premise licensing with software protection keys or floating network licensing. Partners can obtain temporary or perpetual licenses by accessing Viinex’s licensing web portal.

Floating Network Licensing

In situations where it’s impossible to use software protection keys, such as when deploying instances in virtual environments with migration or when deploying instances in dockers to ensure uninterrupted operation of each instance in a distributed system, Viinex offers floating network licensing (FNL). FNL servers contain network licenses and provide automatic activation for Viinex instances run in the network infrastructure. When a Viinex instance in the network is no longer being used, the license is automatically deallocated and returned to the FNL server, allowing it to be used again by another starting Viinex instance.

Corporate License

In some cases, corporations with a worldwide selling presence can face challenges when it comes to incorporating external licensing into their products. Arguably, these types of customers only require the technology instead of licensing policy. To address this, Viinex offers a corporate license that is free of limitations. This license is specifically designed to help corporations seamlessly integrate Viinex middleware into their products and use Viinex without the risk of any licensing-related complications.