Third-party VMS integration

Viinex integrated several VMSs servers via their proprietary SDK that allows managing video via its one HTTP RESTful API. This gives several possibilities: to connect video surveillance servers of various VMS to your application, to receive online and archive video streams, to stream video in HTML5 compatible format in WebRTC (which these VMSes do not support itself) to play video in the web interfaces of your integrating application, and to manage video archives of whole system, for instance, to replicate a necessary part of a VMS video archives to further use it in PSIM’s video storage system. Please, read more information in our blog how Viinex middleware helps PSIM systems to manage video.

The list of integrated Video Management Systems

  • AxxonSoft – Intellect Enterprise
  • Bosch – BVMS
  • DSSL – Trassir
  • Eocortex – Eocortex
  • Geutebrück – G-core
  • Milestone – XProtect
  • Pelco – VideoXpert
  • Qognify (SeeTec) – Cayuga
  • Any manufacturer supporting RTSP streaming – Any NVR (please note:   script-driven integrations )

Viinex offers the following features for receiving video from third-party VMSs:

  • video streaming or receiving frames,
  • access to VMS video archive timeline and the capability of navigating the video archives,
  • video archive playback and managing of commands “playback”(with a possibility to choose playback speed) and “stop”. Viinex plays back archives from a connected external VMS video server using WebRTC protocol,
  • replication of prerecorded VMS video archive of any time and date (keeping the exact VMS video archive time when replicating to Viinex video archive).

Technical notes on VMS integration.