Designed as an SDK with HTTP REST API

Viinex is designed as a software development kit (SDK), meaning that all of its functionality is available via a programming interface. Viinex is typically deployed as a service/daemon in the operating system, but there is an option for integrating software to control the lifecycle of a Viinex instance.

The development of Viinex’s API was based on whether a feature could be used from a web-based client, such as a single-page application. If a JavaScript client running in a browser could use a feature, then rich clients could use it too.

Viinex’s programming interface is a set of HTTP calls that take JSON documents of a terse and simple structure or media data as input and output. Viinex adheres to the REST approach when building the API. Remote calls to Viinex are stateless, meaning that the server maintains no state or context for a specific client.

Viinex’s API is suitable for use from multiple programming languages, including Java, Objective C or Swift, PHP, node.js, C#, Python, and also from Delphi or C++. Its API doesn’t require its clients to link against native libraries, use additional transport protocols (except HTTP), or data formats (except JSON).

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