Alarm monitoring

Diverse equipment for IP video surveillance

Viinex allows the use of virtually any IP video cameras or encoders with your software. This is provided by implementation of ONVIF and RTSP standards in Viinex, and by the fact that it is currently almost impossible to find an IP video camera which ignores that standards.

Edge storage

It is a common trend to move the functionality from the edge to the centralized environment. Video management is not an exception. However, for alarm monitoring applications one cannot rely on 100% uptime of the communication channel between the monitored site and the datacentre. That’s why the edge storage is a necessity to guarantee that every possible incident would be accompanied by corresponding video fragment. Viinex is suitable for deployment in both datacentre and on the edge, and provides a benefit if it is deployed on both ends. Viinex implements the feature of video storage replication between an edge storage and the video archive in the datacentre. An edge storage can be a relatively small buffer, but its presence is important to hedge the communication loss when something critical happens.

Controlled video recording

Viinex exposes the API for controlling the video recording by an external software. This makes it possible for the software built into a control panel to decide when video recording should start and stop. Of course, there are pre-recording buffer available in Viinex: when a pre-recording buffer is set up for, say, 10 seconds, and a control panel receives signal that a sensor has triggered, and issues a command to start the recording, - the video fragment written to disk would start at least 10 seconds before such command was issued. This allows to see on video what has caused a sensor to trigger even if the initial cause has disappeared from sight to the moment when the sensor fired up, and, when the video fragment is received on the alarm monitoring central station, helps to take appropriate decision on the alarm.

Video surveillance for end-users

With the help of Viinex software, video surveillance may be offered to end-users as an additional feature. In order to obtain video streams, end-users can connect directly to Viinex instances co-located with control panels. Viinex provides compatibility with desktop and mobile clients, that is – an end user can watch live video from his site directly on the smartphone. As an option, video streaming can be organized from the datacentre which gives a possibility for end-user to perform an extra check of the video information on the alarm.

Information security

Typically Viinex instances deployed on the edge would be unreachable from the internet due to the network setup (they usually do not have a “white” IP address). If those instances are exposed to the Internet to stream video directly to end-user devices, - Viinex has a well-documented “perimeter” – a single open HTTP port per each instance; there are no additional open ports or binary protocols. All API calls to Viinex are subject to authentication. HTTP traffic to Viinex can easily be wrapped with TLS which would render the network transport secure and encrypted. Same is true for the Viinex instances deployed in the datacentre.