USB cameras

The problem of acquiring video at the ATM stands somewhat separately from that in other scenarios for video surveillance. The conditions where ATM is installed rarely presume the installation of an additional IP videocameras.

Modern ATMs are manufactured and shipped with built-in cameras. These cameras are equipped with USB interface. Viinex has support for DirectShow video garbber devices, including the USB cameras.

Video encoding

Video sequence captured from USB camera comes in a raw format, - uncompressed. An encoding is required for writing video to the archive and for sending it over the network. Viinex implements the feature of encoding video to H.264 on the CPU. There is a flexible set of encoder options which allow to choose appropriate image quality and affordable encoding CPU time, for the price of resulting bitrate. Even on a modest CPU H.264 encoding algorithm outperforms Motion JPEG, and gives significantly smaller bitrates (by an order of magnitude) at same image quality presets.

Controlled video recording

Viinex may be set up to process the events from ATM managing software automatically (turning the video recording on and off). For ATM application the most reasonable is to provide the ATM software with full control over when the video recording is started and stopped. This makes it possible to start and stop video recording not only when sensors events (vibration and temperature sensors, the lock was opened) fire up, but what’s more important when ATM events happen with transactions: a card was inserted, money is given out, etc.


Viinex provides the API for applying subtitles to video, in order to provide an evidence base for analyzing disputes on transactions by banking personnel. In particular, Viinex lets an application developer to put an arbitrary image over the video, with the possibility to specify a "transparent" color of that image (so-called "colorkey"). This feature is combined in Viinex with an option of automatic rendering of an HTML page into an image. This enables a client application to produce subtitles of virtually any complexity and formatting, including various fonts, outlines, raster and vector graphics.

Precise video data extraction

Viinex provides exact positioning within the video archive. That is, having the timestamp of an event, it is sufficient information to navigate precisely to that event within the video archive, or to export the relevant video fragment from the archive. On its discretion, the ATM software may export a single video frame or a sequence of frames, or a video fragment from Viinex video archive and send by regular communication channels that data to the monitoring centre or bank's claim service.