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Save costs on video monitoring

Viinex software is a convenient tool to organize the centralized video monitoring, gathering the video data from all monitored sites. This makes it possible to save costs keeping the staff that performs incident investigations localized in a single office – and the officers won’t have to leave it to obtain required video evidence from an outlet.

Use existing IP video surveillance equipment

Viinex provides the centralized access to data acquired from the diverse IP video equipment. It allows the use of virtually any IP video cameras or video encoders. There is no need to unify video surveillance equipment to access it in a unified fashion – Viinex, as the middleware, provides such unification.

Simplicity of integration

As video management SDK, Viinex does all the low-level work for video acquisition, storage, replication and streaming it to clients. The application which makes use of Viinex has only to find out what video data is available in archive or live, and start the playback with a video player component (which can be a <video> tag or a JS player in case of web client, or a native video player component in case of mobile or a rich client application). So, for video playback even a plain browser is sufficient with Viinex: just navigate to appropriate URL and watch the video, - even on a smartphone. For the rest of functionality, Viinex provides terse HTTP API which can be used natively by a web frontend and can be easily wrapped by code in Java, Objective C or Swift, PHP, node.js, C#, Python, and also from Delphi or C++.

No data loss on communication breakdowns

Unlike some of cloud video surveillance solutions which heavily depend on communication between monitored site and the datacentre, with Viinex you can hedge against communication loss by keeping an edge video storage along with centralized storage. Viinex offers flexibility in how video storage is organized: for instance, the edge storage may keep the permanent 24/7 video recording, while only the recordings connected with “alarms” or some events of interest - can be gathered upon request in the monitoring central station.

Viinex implements video replication to be robust when the communication disruptions occur during the transfer. The video data upload is resumed from the point where it was interrupted when the data link appears again. This makes Viinex a viable solution even for unstable communication channels, like cellular networks with poor coverage.

Prioritized video replication

Viinex provides the mechanism for video management, while your application provides the policy for it. One of important policies is the priority of data acquisition at the monitoring centre from the sites. As an alarm is fired up, your software may schedule acquiring a single video frame, then the most recent video fragment. Viinex takes into account which priority your application assigns to video replication tasks, to make sure that the data of most interest is transferred first.