Home automation

Video surveillance

Software solution for smart house can be extended to provide video management features with the help of Viinex software. In order to obtain video streams, end-users can connect directly to Viinex instances co-located with their smart house control panels. Viinex provides compatibility with desktop and mobile clients, that is – an end user can watch live video directly on his smartphone.

Recording on events and on custom logic

Viinex implements the rules for triggering video recording as a reaction to events from video camera on-board detectors, for instance a motion detector, which most IP cameras currently have built in. In addition, the software managing the smart house can control video recording using API exposed by Viinex to turn the recording on and off according to a custom logic set up by a user – for instance on a schedule, or on some actions, like gate opening.

Cloud solution

If your smart house managing software implements essential part of functionality in a centralized environment, Viinex fits well with this strategy. Viinex has a feature of video archive replication which allows the video data recorded on the edge to appear in the datacentre, where it can be later viewer by end-user from the Internet. Additionaly, the live video can be re-streamed via the central point upon user’s demand.


Viinex provides a secure solution. It requires authentication on every access to video (whether it is live stream or an archive recording), and HTTP traffic to Viinex can be wrapped with TLS to make the transport encrypted.

Diverse IP equipment – no camera vendor lock-in

Viinex allows the use of virtually any IP video cameras or video encoders with your software. This is provided by implementation of ONVIF and RTSP standards in Viinex, and by the fact that it is currently almost impossible to find an IP video camera which ignores that standards. Even more, with Viinex “private cloud” (i.e. when you deploy cluster of Viinex in your datacentre to work in cooperation with Viinex instances on the edge), you are no longer bound to specific camera manufacturer who might be providing cloud video management services under its own brand. This gives more flexibility for choosing the IP video surveillance equipment for new installations.