Weigh bridge

Rail weighing systems

Viinex has a comprehensive set of modules for integration and deployment with a weighing software. It is capable of railcar ID number recognition (for rolling stock in ex-USSR) for static and dynamic weighing, and solves most typical issues for this:

  • Capturing video from several cameras around the railcar, optionally presenting the view to the operator and storing video to the archive;
  • Performing railcar ID number recognition using video streams from both sides of a railcar to ensure the best results even if the ID number sign is contaminated;
  • Performing number recognition using video stream from the side of a railcar as well as from its truck;
  • Recognition results consolidation: the results of railcar ID number recognition from multiple cameras are automatically consolidated to obtain a single best hypothesis;
  • Railcar separation using an optical / IR sensor or API;
  • The ability to control the railcar separation and number recognition from within weighing software to make sure that railcar list output by Viinex Foundation and by weighting software is agreed.

Vehicle weigh bridge

Automotive vehicle license plate recognition modules are also implemented in Viinex for use together with software for auto weighs. The AutoLPR feature and accompanying modules in Viinex have the following advantages:

  • Viinex implements all the work for interaction with video surveillance equipment. The developers working on weighing software or the integration of weighting system with an ERP don’t have to spend their time on video acquisition, storage, rendering and so on, - it’s all on Viinex.
  • License plate recognition is supported in both “checkpoint” and “free flow” modes, i.e. when a car stops and when it doesn’t within camera’s sight. This makes Viinex suitable for both static and dynamic weighing.