3rd-party VMS integration

Viinex provides an access to a limited set of functionality of a number of third party video management systems. As per August 2020, the list of VMS which Viinex can access is as follows:

  • AxxonSoft Intellect Enterprise
  • Bosch BVMS
  • DSSL Trassir
  • Geutebrück G-core
  • Milestone XProtect
  • Pelco VideoXpert
  • Qognify (SeeTec) Cayuga


Technical notes on VMS integration


Viinex provides an access to the following functionality of video management systems of vendors mentioned above:

• acquisition of a still frame (image), either from live stream, or from video archive;
• acquisition of a live video stream;
• access to VMS video archive with an option of getting timeline, playback and stop control of archive video streams, and possibility to change playback speed. In Viinex an archive from a connected video server of external VMS is played back via WebRTC.
• replication of a video archive previously recorded in VMS at any time and date (keeping exact time of VMS video archive while replicating to Viinex) into the video archive managed by Viinex.