Audio Support

Beginning with software build 604, Viinex now supports audio. Traditionally, the Viinex middleware has been utilized predominantly in security products designed for public safety. These are usually equipped with cameras installed in public spaces such as streets, roads and squares, where audio capability wasn’t typically required. However, for certain applications, such as smart home solutions or security systems requiring onboard audio analytics, the incorporation of audio has become a necessary feature.

Consequently, Viinex now allows the retrieval of audio via RTSP in AAC, G.711, G.726, and OPUS formats. Audio is encoded in real-time in OPUS for storage alongside MP4 video and for video streaming.

We opted for OPUS as our primary audio codec due to its associated benefits, its royalty-free BSD-license status, and its support by WebRTC that mandates the use of at least OPUS and G.711 for minimum compatibility, as stated in RFC-7874. For additional information about OPUS, feel free to visit