Viinex Foundation 1.4 is a professional-grade video surveillance subsystem specially designed for seamless integration into automated control systems software.

  • Receives video streams from IP cameras
  • Connects sensors and control outputs
  • Records video archives
  • License plates recognition
  • Railcar number recognition
  • Plays video directly in the user interface of ACS

IP cameras and IP video encoders connection

Getting video streams from IP cameras in compliance with international CCTV standards supported by leading manufacturers of IP cameras and IP encoders:

  • Protocols: RTSP / RTP, HTTP
  • Codecs: MJPEG, H.264.

Video Archive

The storage system is designed to meet the requirements for reliability and fault tolerance of video surveillance and security systems. It allows integrating software to be accurately positioned in the video archive and get a frame, a series of images or a video of the timeframe required. Supports iSCSI network storage.


The system uses standard sensor connection scenarios to manage video recording or recognition. It interacts with network controllers to connect sensors (infrared sensors, inductive loops, strain sensors etc.) and relays using Modbus-TCP protocol. Viinex Foundation allows an automated system to directly control actuating devices, such as barriers or traffic lights.

Video analytics

Includes general use and service video detectors. Supports algorithm for railcar number recognition. Allows the user to consolidate recognition results’ data and increase percentage of high-quality license plate recognition.

Integration and API

You can access Viinex Foundation functions through an interface library, which is built into the software of the automated systems and provides network interaction with the Viinex-server.