Video analytics

Viinex Foundation 1.4 is focused on providing its users with access to a set of video analytics functionality. These are railcar ID number recognition engine and a number of traditional detectors: motion/activity, image quality, camera shift/tamper, - present in nearly every video management system.

Railcar number recognition

For more than 10 years we've been developing and shipping the software for railcar identification. There can be numerous issues in integration with third-party equipment, software and end-users' business processes, of which we are aware. Viinex Foundation 1.4 supports several modes for railcar number recognition, railcars separation, and provides flexible means for gathering recognition data. In addition, there are some unique features in Viinex Foundation 1.4, like fisheye lens compensation for sites where videocamera is installed closely to the railroad, train maneuvering support, and the module for optical fluid level estimation working on images from IR cameras.

Viinex Foundation 1.4 is successfully deployed on many sites in ex-USSR where railcar ID number recognition is required for rolling stock identification and registration.


Motion/activity detector as well as image quality, camera tamer and camera shift detectors became a must-have features for PC-based video management system.