Viinex integrates VMS

By February 2020 we have integrated several VMS, so now in Viinex there are two new object types:

    • VMS – an object, which is specific for every video system that we have integrated, which allows interacting with this VMS servers. It is possible to connect not only to a single video server of a specified manufacturer, but also to a whole federation of these servers at the site.
    • VMS channel – an independent object that defines a logic channel, or, in other words, performs mapping of video streams present in a video system to connect them directly to Viinex.

In configuration parameters for video streams received from external VMS there is still a possibility of dynamic video stream receiving only when it is really necessary – say, for video archive recording or replication in Viinex or video presentation in web client. That’s why configuration of sites with a large number of cameras allows not increasing traffic load with video streams not in use and having a flexible licensing scheme for a control center deployment.

Here’s the list of VMS integrated as at the date of publication:

  1. AxxonSoft (Intellect)
  2. DSSL (Trassir)
  3. Milestone XProtect (c-code family products)

What you can get via HTTP RESTful API Viinex from integrated VMS systems of various manufacturers:

    • a frame;
    • a live video stream;
    • access to VMS video archive with an option of getting timeline, playback and stop control of archive video streams, and possibility to change playback speed. In Viinex an archive from a connected video server of external VMS is played back via WebRTC.
    • replicate to Viinex a video archive previously recoded in VMS on any time and date (keeping exact time of VMS video archive while replicating to Viinex)

In our blog you can read more about video management with Viinex when building distributed objects security control centers.

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