Viinex suites well for integration into vertical solutions in several domains. Viinex focuses exclusively on its speciality - the video management, - and serves as a mechanism rather than a policy.

Viinex provides essential features to develop and deploy a video surveillance system of different scales, from home/apartment to government projects
Add live video streaming to your website and your mobile applications. Viinex supports HLS and WebRTC protocols and compatible with HTML5
Viinex fits well for integration with home automation software solution due to its shift towards web technologies and the attention to information security
Use the USB cameras coming with the ATM, encode video with effecient H.264 algorithm, reliably store and extract the video fragments connected with ATM events for transmission to the monitoring center
Gather the video from multiple monitored sites and organize the monitoring central station. Save costs on obtaining videos for investigations from remote sites, even with unstable network connection
Access video from diverse IP cameras in a unified manner. Benefit from Viinex web-orientedness to easily render video and subtitles. Deploy the instances of Viinex to reflect the architecture of your system
Vehicle license plate recognition module is available with Viinex to build solutions for the transportation domain
For integration with weigh bridge software Viinex implements the railcar ID number recognition, along with a comprehensive set of accompanying features

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