viinex is a video management sdk

If you’re building your software or appliance and need any kind of integration with video surveillance in that project — take a look at viinex.

viinex has proved to be useful in PSIM solutions, cloud-based security systems, and smart home / home automation applications.

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Main reason to use viinex for a business owner — except for the UI of your application, you won’t have to spend thousands of man-hours on development of video-related functionality. No need to dive into details of network protocols, codecs, file formats and so on. Focus on building your application, and use video-related features as you need them.

What viinex does:

  • all that any other video surveillance software can do: get media and video analytics events from cameras, store that data into archive, re-stream media upon demand, possibly run custom video analytics.
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  • also it can serve as a proxy to a number of third party video management systems.
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  • this is all provided as a white-label embeddable component, so that your users don’t have to interact with third party UIs for video, — only with your own application.