Run Your Video Management Middleware On-premise, Virtual Environments, or Dockers

The Flexible Video Management Middleware for Control Centers, Alarm Systems and PSIM Solutions


HTML5 Ready-to-Use Video Streaming

Viinex is an embedded video management system that utilizes both WebRTC and HLS specifications, enabling smooth video playback across a wide range of popular browsers and mobile devices. This makes it a flexible embedded solution for any software application.


Third-Party VMS & NVR Integrations

Viinex enables you to integrate with a wide range of VMS servers and NVRs, allowing you to retrieve video content effortlessly. It is a video management middleware that allows your application to access and stream live or recorded video from third-party video surveillance systems in an HTML5-compatible format.


Video Archive Replication Management

Viinex allows you to create a hierarchical video archive system, which includes rolling and managed replication tools for efficiently managing video archives of third-party video surveillance systems in distributed installations for automatic verification or investigation.