Viinex offers several license models and services to software companies that want to embed Viinex into their applications and use our middleware as a part of their software.

Developer License

This type of license permits to use Viinex instances at no charge for testing and integrating into applications developed by our partners.

License for a software company includes:

  • access to the features of Viinex software;
  • access for partners’ developers to the web portal of Viinex’s technical support;
  • the grant to use Viinex for test and integration for the duration of developer license for a software company.

The developer license grants no rights for commercial distribution or transfer these grants to any third party.

Commercial license

This type of license grants to distribute Viinex as a part of an application developed by our partners. This license is purchased for each Viinex instance run. Viinex offers several options depending on environment:

On-premise licensing

Each Viinex instance for a server can be activated with a software protection key or a hardware dongle.

  • A software protection key links the license to the PC hardware. This type of license cannot be transferred from one computer to the other.
  • A hardware dongle links the license to the hardware dongle. Such a license can be transferred to another computer with this hardware dongle.

A partner can be granted access to a licensing web portal to generate temporary or perpetual licenses.

Floating network licensing

For corporate using, when it’s necessary to provide an uninterrupted operation of each instance in a distributed system, as well as when deploying instances in a virtual environment of owned or rented data centers with supposed virtual machines migration, the use of hardware dongles and software protection keys is impossible.

Viinex offers floating network licensing via floating network license (FNL) servers. The FNL servers contain system licenses and provide automatic activation for Viinex instances that are run in the network infrastructure and have these servers as target in configuration with authentication check.

Whenever a Viinex instance is stopped being used, the license automatically becomes deallocated and goes back to the license manager, which means this license can be used again by another running Viinex instance.