Floating network licenses

Having in mind that Viinex is often deployed in virtualized environments, and in order to preserve for our customers the possibility of migration of a virtual machine or a container across [...]

Container number recognition

We have added a container id recognition video analytics (CIDR - container ID recognizer) of vertical or horizontal international numbers of containers ISO 6346. Container number recognition [...]

Viinex Virtual Camera

As of build, Viinex officially supports a component named "Viinex Virtual Camera" on Windows platform. Viinex Virtual Camera is a DirectShow filter which implements a video source API, [...]

Viinex integrates VMS

By February 2020 we have integrated several VMS, so now in Viinex there are two new object types: • VMS – an object, which is specific for every video system that we have integrated, which allows [...]

WebRTC live video streaming

We're glad to present the basic support for WebRTC live video streaming in Viinex 2.0. WebRTC technology is what allows a Web browser to receive and display a video stream in the real time, [...]