WAMP support

Viinex video management SDK has received support for Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP). What WAMP support means and why we think this is an important thing? For those who are unfamiliar [...]

Access control lists

A few days earlier we’ve released Viinex build which contains the implementation for access control lists. That is, in contrast with previous versions where Viinex only required a [...]

Demo mode license

Starting from Viinex build, we have enabled a so-called demo license mode, where Viinex can run for 8 hours without a license key. The motivation for this was that a) it can be [...]

Floating network licenses

Having in mind that Viinex is often deployed in virtualized environments, and in order to preserve for our customers the possibility of migration of a virtual machine or a container across [...]

Viinex Virtual Camera

As of build, Viinex officially supports a component named “Viinex Virtual Camera” on Windows platform. Viinex Virtual Camera is a DirectShow filter which implements a video [...]

WebRTC video streaming

We’re glad to present the basic support for WebRTC live video streaming in Viinex 2.0. WebRTC technology is what allows a Web browser to receive and display a video stream in the real time, [...]