VMS integrations

viinex can reach out to a third party video management system, and use cameras configured within that system as if they were configured within viinex itself. This includes access to live streams and video archives set up in that external VMS.

Once a link between viinex and a VMS is configured, viinex’ API can be used instead of specific API of that VMS. This makes it possible to use viinex as a proxy unifying access to various VMS brands.

Currently the list of supported video management systems within viinex is as follows:

  • AxxonSoft – Intellect Enterprise
  • Bosch – BVMS
  • Dahua NVRs
  • DSSL – Trassir
  • Eocortex – Eocortex
  • Geutebrück – G-core
  • Hikvision NVRs
  • Milestone – XProtect
  • Pelco – VideoXpert
  • Qognify (formerly SeeTec) – Cayuga

viinex also provides the mechanism of a script-driven integration with other systems not listed above. This mechanism can be used if a VMS uses HTTP and RTSP for API calls and media data transfer respectively. In that case the integration of a new VMS can even be made solely by customer, without viinex’ team participation.

Viinex offers the following features for receiving video from third-party video management systems (VMS) and network video recorders (NVR):

  • Video streaming or receiving frames.
  • Access to VMS video archive timeline and the capability of navigating the video archives.
  • Video archive playback and managing of commands “playback” (with a possibility to choose playback speed) and “stop”.
  • Managed replication of a VMS video archive into viinex’ video archive.

Technical notes on VMS integration.