Basic PTZ support

As of Viinex 2.0 build 198, basic support for PTZ cameras was added. For now it’s just a proxy for ONVIF devices’ PTZ interface. Despite that, we believe that Viinex simplifies things for the application developer. Instead of fighting with XML, SOAP, namespaces and so on, with Viinex one may send a PTZ command with just a short 1-liner using for instance the CURL utility.

There are HTTP calls for managing presets and moving the PTZ device to a preset or to an arbitrary position. Viinex 2.0 does not save state of the PTZ device; neither does it perform additional checks on call parameters. Therefore no additional behavior peculiarities are introduced, in comparison with what an ONVIF device without Viinex would do. Wherever possible, Viinex automatically infers motion coordinate spaces’ URIs, media profile token, and other stuff required by ONVIF PTZ specification. As a result, the most complicated call to the PTZ API in Viinex accepts as much as just 3 arguments for pan, tilt and zoom coordinates.

Check out our updated documentation for more details.

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