Demo user interface

We’ve prepared the demo user interface so that potential users can better understand what functionality is available with viinex. We stress that this is not even a sketch of an end-user application: the purpose of this demo is only to show how easily the features provided by Viinex 2.0 server-side software can be used. The demo may also help in testing and in setting up Viinex. We’ve included the built version of demo into the distribution, so everyone who’ve got the software may upgrade it (take build and go to localhost:8880 to see the same user interface, but with your own video sources and video archive.

The demo relies on Angular 4 framework and therefore may not work on some older browsers. It works on up-to-date Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, but it is known to fail on Internet Explorer of any version and on iOS 8 and earlier (but it works on iOS 9). This does not mean you cannot use Viinex 2.0 with older browsers, – you’ll just have to design the frontend with compatibility in mind. For instance, it’s still possible to use IE if you use for instance VLC ActiveX to render video. For our purpose, we prefer the source code of the demo to stay as clear as possible. By the way, if you’re interested, we may share the source of the demo application upon your request. It’s in TypeScript.

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