Events via WebSocket and Basic Analytics

As of build, two important features were implemented in Viinex:

  • WebSocket interface for accessing the events from connected devices, and
  • basic analytics for raw video devices.

Basic video analytics are detectors for such topics as “MotionAlarm”, “ImageTooBright”, “ImageTooDark”, “ImageTooBlurry” and “SceneChange” — that is, exactly the events described in ONVIF Imaging Service specification. Recently we’ve added raw video sources (USB cameras) support to Viinex, and with basic detectors such sources can generate alarms and control the video recording logic via rules, just like ONVIF video sources.

The WebSocket interface implemented in Viinex, in its turn, lets the client application to subscribe for events produced by devices attached to a Viinex instance. Previously, the events from video cameras were only available to Viinex internally, to evaluate rules and control the video recording. Using the WebSocket interface, the client application may now acquire that events too, and use them to extend its logic for processing, say, motion detector alarms, or digital input status change events.

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