Server-side video renderer

As of build, the server-side video renderer functionality is available in Viinex. The server-side video renderer is a virtual video channel which is composed of one or more real video streams available in Viinex to produce a single video stream. The original video streams are rendered on the server side into a memory buffer, according to user-defined rules (a layout), then encoded again into an H.264 stream, and can be broadcast to the clients, written to the video archive, and so on. For instance, this feature allows for displaying the video from many video cameras on a mobile client.

The rules for defining the layout are quite flexible: the viewports may overlap (the “depth” of each viewport is user-defined); each source video channel may be rendered as many times as needed on the target video; there is digital zoom, that is – the user may define the ROI on the source video channel that has to be rendered; there is a customizeable background; and there is also an overlay (with the color-key) which can also be managed in the runtime. As with the raw video source implementation, the overlay is rendered from a bitmap or from an HTML document.

Check it out at our demo page.

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