We’ve released a minor build with a few new features, most noticeable of which is the support for snapshot request, for video archive and for some types of live video sources. What’s important for video archive, – the developer may request for the snapshot of any moment (timestamp), and Viinex will produce the JPEG image for exactly requested timestamp. This involves video decoding on the fly at the server side, from closest keyframe up to the requested timestamp, — and Viinex performs it automatically. For mobile applications, to save the bandwith and end user’s device resources, Viinex also supports for requesting the snapshots of reduced size, as well as cropping the specific ROI out of the image.

The corresponding feature is released in build There is also a number of other minor additions, namely:
– support for cross-origin resource sharing policy (CORS),
– setting HLS parameters for live video sources – that is fragment size and fragment count on the playlist, – which makes it possible to somewhat reduce the stream latency,
– setting the name and description for Viinex’ Win32 service during silent install, if you’d prefer your end-users to recognize the video subsystem without confusion and associate it with your brand and your application.

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