RTSP server

We’ve added RTSP streaming support in Viinex 2.0. From now on, every live video source that is configured in a Viinex instance, can be made available for RTSP re-streaming, by establishing a link between the video source and RTSP server in Viinex configuration.

For authentication, Digest authentication method is available. It’s possible to use Apache htdigest utility to produce the passwords database. By the way, we’ve also changed web server authentication config to make it uniform with that of RTSP server.

Of course, Viinex RTSP client is compatible with Viinex RTSP server, for the case if some video stream from a remote location needs to be duplicated on another site in a distributed system with video management functionality.

RTSP streaming server implementation is available in Viinex and later.

Update: there is also support for video archive access from the RTSP server built into Viinex.

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